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Halfway through today I had to text a friend and tell him that I absolutely needed to go drink after work.

Exactly everything that could have gone wrong today went wrong. Our entire communication system was down - telephones, fax machines, our dictation system, everything. As you can imagine, that would be crippling to any medical office, but we literally can't function without the dictation system. After hours of waiting to see what would or could be done, it was decided that examinations had to be done holding little hand held recorders. The transcriptionist had to come to our building, sit in an office, and wait as we all paraded in and out handing her recorders (which, by the way, could only hold ten minutes of recording at a time). That meant that the recorders could only hold a handful of biopsy exams or one larger case (like a prostate or a kidney or something) at a time before we had to shut everything down, take the recorder somewhere, hope there was a FREE recorder when we got back, wash, rinse, repeat. That all started before I even arrived this morning and won't be resolved until tomorrow, probably after lunch. It made for a very long, tedious day. Coupled with other things, including stupidity from management and the fact that the CEILING STARTED LEAKING, I was just done.

And that's the story of how I got drunk on a Tuesday. The end.
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