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Since it has been, oh, four years since I wrote an actual entry about anything on here, I figured I would do a general life update.

I got married in October. This is insane to me, especially after glancing back over this journal. I was in a very different headspace in 2013. Not a good headspace. Aside from financial woes that no one can escape (especially me, apparently), I am generally quite content with things these days. I'm working in clinical pathology. I am not entirely sure how this happened, but it's a thing. I spend most of my days examining various organs that have been removed from people, alongside the Pathology Assistants. I toyed, briefly, with the idea of returning to school to do that job, but there's only a handful of programs that are scattered across the country and they are very, very difficult to get into. It would be nearly impossible for me, as I have no educational background in biology/chemistry/etc.

Instead, I have signed up to take the LSAT in December so that I can apply to law school. I love what I'm doing right now, but without returning for an advanced degree (that would require me to get a BS to even be considered for, thus starting completely from scratch) it isn't sustainable, financially. I work for a non-profit hospital system that has absorbed all of the other hospitals in the area, including surrounding states, and they to nothing. Nevermind that my position is a skilled position that requires laboratory experience, medical terminology, so on and so forth. I haven't really discussed the LSAT or law school with anyone because I know it's going to seem like it's coming out of left field, even though it's something I've thought about for quite awhile now and looked into extensively. We will see what happens. I am not putting all of my eggs in one basket, for sure. If it works out, great. If it doesn't work out, something else eventually will. If I've learned anything over the last few years it is that the more I try to control the universe, the less it cooperates.

Hm...we also have a dog now. Well, we've had her for three years as of last month. She is literally the most spoiled, ridiculous eight-pound creature that has ever existed, surely. She is laying on my knee staring at me as I type this, and I'm trying to resist the urge to squeeze her head due to my inability to resist her cuteness. The kitties are still around, being lazy fucks as always.

What else is going on? Umm...My sister turned thirteen in December. Again, crazy. She comes and spends weekends with me sometimes. I took her to a Supernatural convention in Nashville last year because I am an excellent sibling. My plan is to take her to NYC or somewhere else next summer, before she starts high school. It will be a sneaky, sneaky surprise.

I am positive that isn't everything, but it's been a long day and I honestly don't know how much of a life update anyone wanted in the first place!

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Many thanks for the update :D How's the hubby?

Last time we spoke you had Lucius and Marius and were thinking of getting a snake!

What a shame you can't get an advanced degree for the job you're doi8ng as you seem very fascinated by it. All the best in whatever you do :)

We are both fine, enjoying my retirement (7 years this summer). Jenn is now 29 and about to become footloose and fancy-free having told her partner of 5 years, only last weekend, that he's just not cutting the mustard as far as her future is concerned. I think her biological clock is telling her to make a move now before it's too late.

Her first ex is still a very good friend to her so she does have a bolt-hole if she needs it in the short term. Anyway, we'll all be gathering in just over 2 weeks as my sister is getting married.

Mum and Dad died in the last two years so now I'm the eldest and feeling like a matriarch!

Don't disappear again, sweetie :D

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Congrats again on your marriage!

I find your posts about clinical pathology fascinating. But I'm also super fascinated by law. Law school always sounded awesome to me. I used to want to go to law school (and then join the FBI, partially inspired by my rabid love of The X-Files and true crime), so I think that's a really cool path to take. It may strike some as out of left field but the older I get, the more I realize life is really just a series of weird twists and turns you'd never predict.

DOGGY. I love dogs! Animals are amazing.

My baby brother is turning 30 this year and holy shit, I cannot even. THIRTY. Wtf.


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